Accidental Insta-Husband

When my wife began her excellent blog Tinker Tailor Online a little over a year ago, I had no reason to believe that it would also become such a feature in my life too. I had always had a passing interest in photography, went as far as a GCSE in it during my 6th form days, but I had never considered it as something that I would take up in any meaningful way as an adult.

However, the blog started taking off and I was asked to take ever more adventurous pictures and so began my accidental transition to blog photographer. Slowly at first, but with increasing speed I was sucked into her blogging world, but rather than resent the effort I actually began to enjoy the results; so much so that I started to involve myself in the creative process of planning the shoots to ensure best results. With each shoot my wife and I worked better as a team and with each new project I gained a new level of confidence with both the technical and the creative elements of story telling.

A photo from my recent shoot for my wife's blog taken on a cloudy day in Enfield. I'm particularly pleased with how this picture came out. I like the movement of the sleeves and how the bag is catching the light.

Taking photographs allows me to satisfy my artistic urges in a way that is not possible at work. I work a regular city-type job that is more spreasdheet and less creative expression, so the opportunity to do something in my downtime is really exciting. That said, my job does take me all over the world and photography has given me a new excitement for travelling too, as I'm now looking for interesting things to shoot

So, what next? I'd like to continue to improve my technique and my ability to tell a story through a series of images and beyond that, I'd be interested in working with other bloggers and brands to increase my experience. If any of this resonates with you get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.